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Nanotechnology Group, University of Salamanca

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Group type: Both theory and experiment Research description: We are an interdepartmental research group, developing several research lines in nanotechnologies and nanoscience.  We investigate fundamental and applied aspects of quantum nanosystems based on new materials as graphene and 2D related materials, topological insulators and III-V semiconductor heterostructures. Our facilities comprise a 120 m2 Clean Room, and 150 m2

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Condensed Matter Theory, University of Birmingham

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Applications are invited for a two-year condensed matter theory postdoc at the University of Birmingham. The post is to work with Dr. Benjamin Beri on topological phases, including directions motivated by topological insulators and Majorana fermions. The closing date is 20 January 2016. For further details and to apply please follow the link below:

EMN Istanbul Meeting, June 21-24, 2016

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The EMN Meetings grew out of a small workshop series that began in 2008 at a traditional villa in Orlando, Florida. Over the next three years, six additional successful workshops were organized on various focus topics in materials science, and grouped under the title of “Villa Conference” in honor of the original 2008 Orlando meeting.

Postdoctoral Reseachers, Microsoft Research, Station Q

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Microsoft Research, Station Q has postdoctoral positions available beginning in the summer/fall of 2016. We are seeking theorists with a strong background in quantum information in condensed matter, quantum Hall physics, topological insulators and superconductors, and/or computational condensed matter physics. Application deadline: October 1, 2015 All the information to apply can be found in Physics

PhD position: Local probing of topological insulators and 2-dimensional materials

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KU Leuven, deadline June 10, 2015. Phenomena emerging from relativistic electrons in solids have become one the main topical subjects in condensed matter physics. Among a wealth of intriguing new phenomena, several classes of materials have emerged including 2-dimensional materials (graphene and others) and topological insulators. Although the physics underlying the functionality of these new

2015 ICAM-China Summer School: The Frontier in Condensed Matter Physics

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The ICAM-China and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Quantum Matter will organize the third international summer school this year during July 18 - 26. This summer school will be focused on "The Frontier in Condensed Matter Physics", which includes experimental observation of the quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE), new phenomena in topological insulators, new developments

PhD Position in Theory of Electronic Transport at the Nanoscale

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We announce the opening of a PhD position in the Mesoscopic Physics Group at the Materials Physics Center CFM, San Sebastian, Spain. This position has a duration of 4 years and will start as soon as a suitable candidate is found. The PhD student will be offered a range of research topics in the field