The research in the Oxide Nanoelectronics group concerns the solid state physics of funcional oxide materials; corrent topics of interest include but are not limited to strain gradient coupling (flexoelectricity), domain wall nanoelectronics, oxide interface effects and nano-confined phase transitions.

For this position, the Fellow will characterize the physical properties (electromechanical response, conductivity, magnetization) of ferroic, multiferroic or strongly correlated electron oxides as a function of a variety of environmental paràmetres such as temperature, magnetic field and pressure. The fellow will also look at the effect of surface adsorbate modification by insitu exposure to different atmospheric environments. The main tool will be a cryogenic Atomic Force Microscope (Attocube) that works at temperatures down to 5K with in-situ magnetic fields of up to 9T. Aside from hands-on research, other Postdoctoral duties will include collaboration in the supervision of PhD students’ work.

All the information can be found in this pdf document: JdC call 2016 at ICN2