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IMANA, ICMA-UNIZAR-CSIC; CUD; EUSS; Diamond Light Source; University of Cambridge; CNR-IOM

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Group type: Experimental Research description: Synchrotron based spectroscopic techniques (X-ray Absortion, X-ray magnetic Circular Dichroism, X-ray Magnetic resonant Scattering) have reached their maturity in the study of magnetic materials. Because of their element selectivity and improved resolution they allow obtaining direct information on the electronic state and the atomic orbital and spinning moments of the

E-MRS Spring Meeting, Symposium AA: «Solution processing and properties of functional oxide thin films and nanostructures II»

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The aim of this symposium is to offer an overview and a forum for the interchange of information and expertise on the current state of research on synthesis and processing of solution-derived oxide and nanocomposite thin films, patterned surfaces and nanostructures, including their properties and applications. Scope: In recent years, significant progress has been made

Research Fellow (Experimental Condensed Matter Physics), Monash University

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We are seeking to appoint a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the area of experimental condensed matter physics and nanoscience. As the successful candidate, you will be expected to: conduct research in atomic-scale design of functional low-dimensional nanostructures on surfaces, characterised by low-temperature scanning probe microscopy, in situ optical measurements and synchrotron-based x-ray spectroscopies publish research

12th Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures 2016

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The upcoming "12th Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures 2016" will have as special focus "Driven Quantum Nanosystems". The school will take place as usual on the Isola di Capri, Italy from April 10 - 17, 2016. The lecturers for the upcoming school are: Yaroslav Blanter  (Delft) Christoph Bruder  (Basel) Yuval Gefen       (Weizmann) Steve Girvin