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18th International Conference on Recent Progress in Many Body Theories, Niagara Falls, 16-21 Aug, 2015

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The Registration and Abstract submission for the "18th International Conference on Recent Progress in Many Body Theories (MBT-18)“ has opened on March 23rd. MBT-18 will be held at the Conference and Event Center, Niagara Falls, USA, 16-21, Aug. 2015. The website http://www.physics.buffalo.edu/MBT18/mbt18.html contains the relevant information on the present list of confirmed invited speakers, the

EPSRC PhD studentship on non-equilibrium quantum simulators for quantum technologies

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Fully-funded PhD studentship, available in the Department of Physics at the University of Sussex, UK. The candidate will work on the theoretical description of emergent phenomena like superfluidity, quantum phase transitions and symmetry breaking in ultracold atoms and trapped ions. In particular, we will explore how those systems present quantum phases that are present in

Simposio GEFES – Bienal RSEF Gijón 2015

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Program of the symposium: "Strongly correlated electron systems". GEFES is organising a symposium for the next RSEF Bienal meeting. The symposium will take place on July 15th-16th afternoons. The selected topic is "Strongly correlated electron systems". Antony Carrington (University of Bristol) is the invited plenary speaker of the symposium. In the context of the International year