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FACULTY POSITION, Purdue University

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The College of Engineering at Purdue University has identified spintronics and nanomagnetics as one of the strategic growth areas that emphasize team based research with a focus on the potential for impact. The new spintronics initiative will build on the existing strength of Purdue in nano-electronics led by the Network for Computational Nanotechnology and the Birck


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The Physics Department at Université de Sherbrooke invites applications for two (2) junior or senior Faculty positions with a strong research profile in quantum materials, quantum information, and quantum engineering. The 14 professors of the Department conduct research in the following areas: superconductivity, strongly correlated electrons, topologically ordered materials, magnetism, quantum algorithms, quantum error-correction, superconducting qubits, quantum-enhanced

Senior Faculty Position – Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, West Virginia University

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The West Virginia University (WVU) Department of Physics and Astronomy invites applications for a faculty position in the area of experimental condensed matter physics at the tenured associate professor level or higher. Applicants with exceptional qualifications will be nominated for the Robert L. Carroll Chair in Physics. Applications will be processed until the position is filled,

Faculty Position in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Yale University

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The Department of Physics at Yale University invites applications for a faculty position in the area of theoretical condensed matter physics, broadly defined.  The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree at time of hire and will join an active group of theorists in physics and applied physics. An appointment beginning July 1,

Condensed Matter Theorist, Iowa State University

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Iowa State University (ISU) seeks candidates for a faculty position at a junior or senior level in theoretical condensed matter physics. Position responsibilities will include research and teaching.  The principal research areas of interest include correlated electron systems, electronic structure, and the interactions between charge, magnetic, and electronic